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BobBob Malmquist

Located in Atlanta, Bob is President of Competent Staffing Resource, Inc. and serves on the board of directors of Competent Staffing Resource, Inc.

Bob is one of the three principles who established CSR in 1996. Recognizing the need for uniqueness in the contract services industry, Bob developed priorities, strategic goals, mission statement and policies for the flat organization.

Bob is responsible for strategic planning, customer diversity, company procedures, and legal issues. He handles the daily business functions of CSR including obtaining master contract agreements with members of our customer base.

Bob’s career with Bell System spans 30 years in the Ameritech area. His background includes engineering, fiber technology, central office switching, toll transmission, power generation, outside plant, and test and control centers.

RonRon Hoff

Ron’s career spans more than 30 years in the Bell System, including more than 26 years in management positions.  He transferred to Bell South after serving eight years with New Jersey Bell.  His assignments covered switched and special services, new office installations, as well as the establishment of new centers.  Staff and executive support assignments provided experience in process design and improvement as well as new product development and introduction.

Ron is Vice President of Competent Staffing Resource, Inc.  He was one of the three principles to establish CSR in 1996.  Recognizing the need for contract services in the telecommunications industry, he helped develop the operational plans for the company.   He is responsible for product diversity and strategic planning, and continues to handle basic daily business functions of CSR; and was successful in obtaining long-term financial support for CSR.

maxdavisMax Davis

Max is a retired businessman with a degree in accounting.  He has successfully owned and operated insurance agencies, payroll services, employee leasing companies, and auditing services throughout the southeast. He now concentrates on well-deserved retirement activities.
Max lives in Gainesville, Georgia serves Secretary and Treasurer of Competent Staffing Resource, Inc. Max was one of the three principles to establish CSR and his experience and guidance was key in establishing the fundamental business aspects. He is not active in the daily operations, but continues to be involved in the financial strength of the company.

RickVRick vanBrederode

Rick is Competent Staffing Resource’s Vice President ofCorporate Development. He is the primary interface with two of CSR’s major nationwide clients, and works with CSR’s Officers and Field Directors to grow CSR’s business. Rick also oversees the operations of CSR’s recruiting organization, working closely with the Recruiting Manager and her staff.

After nearly 31 years’ experience in various aspects of the telecommunications industry, including ten years with New Jersey Bell and twenty-one with BellSouth, Rick retired in July 2000 and joined CSR that same month. He works primarily from his home office in Jacksonville, Fl.

With BellSouth, Rick held positions of increasing responsibility in Operator Services, Customer Services, Staff and Network Operations. Rick’s primary expertise is in the areas of Central Office Operations and Network Center Operations. At the time of his retirement from BellSouth, Rick had responsibility for Florida’s Business Repair Centers and the Service Management organization.

Rick also co-chaired BellSouth’s Network Centers Redesign initiative, which resulted in the streamlining of numerous small, geographically dispersed centers into what became known as the Network Reliability Centers, the Access Customer Advocate Centers, and the Business Repair Centers. Rick has most recently worked with a major telecommunications company to redesign their broadband organizational structure, an initiative that produced significant capital and expense cost reductions through right-sizing, organizational changes and process improvements

PaulPaul Berrey

Operating out of our Atlanta office, Paul is a field director with Competent Staffing Resource. He retired from Nortel Networks where he spent six years in professional services sales to BellSouth. His responsibilities there included selling professional services related to central office conversions and activities within the CO environment. This involved standardizing a conversion team to assist BellSouth with lines, runks, PBX testing, and SLC integration.

Paul’s extensive background covers a broad range of expertise covering translations assistance, NPA conversions, CO equipment cleanup from contaminants, equipment removal and relocation, and analysis of CO equipment proficiency. He has experience in engineering (SAE) of DMS hardware and software and served as project manager for a network-wide conversion for British Telecom that converted the company’s system from numerous PBXs to one Centrex-based system. He spent two years with Nortel involved in installations, system testing, and converting Lucent 1As to DMS equipment, and upgrading processors.

Prior to his tenure with Nortel, Paul worked for BellSouth as a maintenance engineer with responsibility for DMS office maintenance, and as an equipment engineer responsible for switching office additions throughout Georgia. His career began with Western Electric where he worked on the Cross Bar, 1 ESS, 1A ESS, and 5ESS switching.

Bradley Carroll – Chief Financial Officer, CPA

Mandy Byers – Financial Manager, Payroll & Invoicing

David Mills – Field Director

Charlie Higdon – Field Director

Richard McIntire – Field Director

Ken Wrixon - Field Director/Recruiter

Alene Burkholder – Director of Recruiting

Amber Kerly – Assistant Director of Recruiting

Laurie Gast - Recruiter

Kimberly McConnell – Manager, Support Services

Linda Malmquist – Support Services



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