Competent Staffing Resource, Inc.

Solutions for Today’s Telecommunications World

In a market of rapid downsizing, consolidation, and mergers, telecommunications managers find they have more work to accomplish with fewer resources. Yet they still need to provide the support their customers demand. And finding the talent and skill needed to meet those demands is more challenging than ever. Is this true for you?

At Competent Staffing Resource, we know all about the challenges you face. Each of our officers and field directors has more than 25 years’ experience in the telecom industry. And we put our knowledge and skills at your service, whenever and wherever you need us.

From screening top industry contract personnel to providing top-notch service and support, you can count on CSR to give you only the best. We guarantee it!

CSR provides contract or consulting services in:


  • Training and coaching
  • Capacity management
  • Data analysis
  • System administration
  • Process improvement analysis
  • DLC Support (DESS)
  • Switch conversions
  • Project management
  • Performance monitoring
  • System design
  • Switch operational support
  • Software analysis
  • Time and motion studies
  • Transport and video support
  • Product testing
  • Documentation
  • Asset inventory and reconciliation
  • Facility and equipment records

And much, much, more ...



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